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Custom Metal Finishes

Our plating processes are proprietary,  and industry unique .  This is the result of years of experience through the hundreds of custom finishes we have created.


Large Parts

We specialize in processing large out of the ordinary sizes and shapes in electroplated gold. Some parts include, tables, chairs, lighting fixtures, designer and architectural items.


Long Lengths

Plating of aluminum, stainless, brass, copper, and steel can be processed easily at our facility. Our  large tanks, can accommodate lengths up to 10 feet long,  for custom and volume production.


Barrel Plating

Barrel Plating is a mass finishing procedure used for electroplating smaller items, such as nuts, bolts, washers, or small castings.


Rack Plating

Parts require fixturing prior to electroplating.  With our in-house plating rack fabrication we can design specific to your production needs.


Plating of Castings

We specialize in electroplating of zinc and aluminum die castings.



Metal polishing is a hand operation (which can be automated to your needs), used to prepare metals for electroplated finishes such as polished nickel or polished chrome or a buffed only finish. Polishing is used for graining and satin finishing. Some parts can require multiple belt and buffing operations. Stutzman can handle all of this for you, making your metal plating experience a breeze.


Vibratory Finishing

Vibratory finishing is a mass finishing process usually with a ceramic or plastic media. It is used to remove burrs and flash from castings, such as zinc, pewter, and aluminum. This is again another of the many processes we use to provide our clients with the finest quality.


Clear Coating

Lacquer, Polyurethane, Acrylic, Epoxy, Gloss, Matte, Semi Gloss.


Spin Casting

Spin casting or rubber mold, can be used for reproduction or original design of low pressure casting and is suitable for decorative or ornamental items such as nameplates, emblems, and costume jewelry. Molds are created by inserting the part to be cast between two layers of rubber or silicone, an impression is then created with the application of pressure and heat. This impression can then be poured with molten zinc or pewter in a centrifugal machine. The casting can then be finished in many ways such as electroplated gold, silver, nickel, and brass. The advantages are short lead times and low cost molds.


Die Casting

Die casting requires, a die machined from tool steel inserted into a metal mold. A high pressure casting is then created by injecting molten zinc or aluminum. This is done on a hydraulic press. This method of casting is for long runs. Some typical applications are automotive, hardware, and motorcycle. Finishing can be accomplished in many ways, such as painting or electroplating. The advantage to this type of casting is extended die life, strength and a larger part. The disadvantage is long lead times and much higher die and mold costs.


Quick Set Up

With our in house tooling and fabrication of plating racks, we can expedite set up and shorten lead times. The result is a quality finished product on time, and on budget.


Sample Finishes

Sample finishes are available.